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Mens Bomber Jacket

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Nickelson Kern Mens Bomber Jacket
Example mens bomber jacket
Epaulette Bomber Jacket from Blue Inc
Example mens bomber jacket
Blend Hooded Leather Bomber Jacket
Example hooded leather bomber jacket

Bomber jackets are a mens fashion classic. As the name gives away, they have their roots in the need for bomber pilots to wear a warm jacket. During World War Two, aeroplanes cabins weren't insulated, so temperatures could get extremely low when flying at high altitude. Needless to say, after becoming standard attire for pilots, the bomber jacket quickly became very fashionable.

Nowadays, mens bomber jackets come in a wide variety of colours and styles, although some designs are more "classic" than others. The brown leather bomber jacket is particularly associated with American WW2 pilots, with the US Army Air Corps Type A-2 being the design classic.

The great thing about bomber jackets is that they will go with many different fashion styles.

Popular brands of mens bomber jacket include Nickelson, Blend America Clothing, Ben Sherman, Rockport, Diesel, Paul Smith, Dickies and Carharrt.

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